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Never ever make use of technologies that are not adding value to the overall end result of your pitch. Too often organisations buy expensive tools that are not performing to a maximum.

Every single decision that you make with regards to your pitch needs to be embedded in an overall concept. A concept that includes budgetting, compatibility of technologies, fullfilling specific expectations the pitch should live up to.

This Concept will be your guideline through out the whole life cycle of your pitch. The Concept will be the guardian of your pitch management model. It will allow you to optimize your initial investment.


whatever the purpose of your pitch is, it will need some kind of technology in order to meet with the expectations in and outside of your organisation. The trick is to tailor made the type of technology in such a way that it fits exactly your expectations.

Pitch related Technology covers a wide range of possibilities. I will focus on following categories:

Concept Guardian

Most of the time, organisations, clubs & stadium owners lack expertise, and their organisation is not ready to manage a complex process from information gathering untill order processing.

I can do this for you. 2 decades in this market have learned  me a lot. More than anything else i learned that you can not do this on your own. You’ll need someone to guide you. You need a Concept Guardian.

Think of me as a bridge you can cross. From all those pitch technologies out there in the market to the concept you’ll need to install if you want to start generating money from your pitch.

My expertise & network allows me to downsize the amount of time, energy and money you would need to spend if you would do this on your own.

Through me, you reduce the total process to it’s essence. No numerous meetings with designers an technology suppliers needed. No time spent on weighing pro’s & cons of all offers. A quick and accurate process that guides you from the first idea to the hand over of the pitch. Time is money.