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Arne Lievens



Stationsstraat 135
1770 Liedekerke

Telephone +32 (0) 475 38 29 13
Email: Hello@Imagineering.TV


Company introduction

IMAGINEERING : noun [ uncountable ] / ɪˈmædʒ.ɪnɪərɪŋ /
Bringing creativity and technology together
to create long lasting relationships with our clients and provide them with cost efficient solutions. Monetizing content and creativity

Innovative Multicamera Services

small, but powerfull

We provide small, powerfull and innovative solutions to realize your project. From our OBvan to an Iphone set, we are always thinking out of the box, creative, OTT and budgetfriendly.


Specialised in SPORTS!
Imagineering.TV knows sports and how to bring the emotion of sports to the little screens. Incorporating slomo, commentator units and bespoke (scoreboard) graphics. Imagineering.TV helps you monetizing your event with custom ad-inserts on your sports webcast.

Interactive WEBCASTS
Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch or all the other live video platforms. Our streaming encoders can handle them all. Try our UNIQUE interactive tools we use to engage your audience!

VALUE Added Services is not an only a facilities provider, we think along with our clients! Need exact data?Measuring viewers, Conversion tracking, Engaging audiences ! We can provide the tools to do trusted analytics on your video content to monetize your projects.

Creating YOUR online video library
Your multimedia assets are a treasure chest. Let us handle your archive and start monetizing your archives! TODAY