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Terraplas plc has been in the turf protection business for over twenty years, and has been hugely successful in designing and manufacturing the most widely used protection products in the World – which is why we proudly use the slogan ‘World’s No.1 for Turf Protection’.

The original terraplas® product was designed to protect natural turf at the old Wembley Stadium in London, but today, no matter what the event or where it is being held, Terraplas products are universally acknowledged as the only answer to protecting grass from hordes of people, stages & heavy equipment..

Terraplas plc is proud of its product longevity and the undeniable proof of this is that the old Wembley terraplas® system is over twenty years old and is still in use, being rented out by a hire company.

Every stadium looks for ways to increase their revenue, and there is no question that the potential income from a non-sporting event can often be double that of a sporting occasion. However, maintaining the standard of the playing surface is vital, as there is no point in gaining revenue from an event only to have to spend that revenue on repairing or replacing the playing surface. Therefore, if a stadium decides to opt for the multi-use route, it must very carefully consider which product to purchase for their turf protection.

There are products on the market that are cheaper in their initial purchase than Terraplas products, however be very careful, this is one area where you ‘only get what you pay for’, and Terraplas products are proven to outperform all others – by miles!

If you purchase a Terraplas product you can be confident that you have the best product available to reduce or eliminate turf repairs or replacement, and a product with a very long lifespan – making it the most cost effective purchase.

Terraplas plc now produce eight different products, including temporary roadways, catering for all different uses and budgets.