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Alain Belaen

Deinsesteenweg 107
B-9770 Kruishoutem
+32 56 602953

Sund uses the power of creativity and technology to move brands & engage fans!

In order to optimize the fans’ experience and monitor all his actions we are equiped with a wide range of high-end tools that monitor and analyse the experience of every fan. We are convinced that in every experience, no matter how small or big it is, the fan should always be in the middle.


Our independent software solution can handle any type of LED screen and LED boarding. Showing all type of content like images, video’s, data, live scores, tweets, news, team reatings…


While we have grown to offer a wide range of creative services and solutions, our body of work testifies to a strong foundation in and commitment to animation and motion graphics.


A digital medium needs more than just a playlist of commercials. On the contrary, when combining commercials with live information and interactivity, the value expands


We have over more then 20 years of experience with clients and projects all over the world