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Pierre Veltz

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Kaba Gallenschütz: security, convenience and design

Founded in 1950, Kaba Gallenschütz has been developing, manufacturing and selling automatic physical access systems for over 30 years. As one of the leading suppliers in this marketplace, the company manufactures tripod barriers, turnstiles, personal interlock systems and revolving doors. All units are equipped with an intelligent drive that can be connected to an electronic access control system. For access to sports and cultural events, Kaba provides easy-to-use access control units that can be connected to any ticket verification system.

Our worldwide references include well-known stadia and sports venues as well as government buildings, airports, banks, power plants and many other customers who set value on a reliable access control system.

Kaba Gallenschütz with its more than 300 employees from 15 different nations has been part of the international Kaba Group since 1990, a pioneer in security technology worldwide.