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GrassMaster Solutions are pioneers in hybrid grass technology since 1989. The company, previously
known as Desso GrassMaster, was developed to reinforce the durability and the quality performance of
natural grass pitches. They are now a part of Tarkett Sports and over time, GrassMaster has become the
ultimate reference in stitched hybrid grass technology with more than 650 football and rugby pitches

The company leads now the sports grass industry and keeps on innovating with both GrassMaster and a
new carpet-based system that ensures an instant playability called PlayMaster. With PlayMaster, they
are dedicated to upholding the same high standards of quality performance for stadiums and training
grounds today as it has been for years with GrassMaster.

Both solutions offer the playing quality of natural grass, with the added benefit of more durability and
reliability. Installing the right system for your venue promises a beautiful legacy pitch for local teams and
a surface that can stand up to both sporting and off-season events.


GrassMaster’s stitched hybrid grass technology is a 100 % natural grass pitch which is reinforced by 20
million polypropylene (PP) fibres. The fibres are injected 18 cm deep and 2 cm above the surface,
approximately every 2 cm across the pitch. The ingenuity of the system lies both beneath and above the
surface: the natural grass roots grow around the PP fibres, thus anchoring the field. The PP fibres above
the surface ensure an always even and stable surface. The GrassMaster system offers a uniform and
visually attractive surface with a proven lifespan of more than 15 years.


With the Lay & Play hybrid grass technology PlayMaster, launched in 2016, Tarkett Sports guarantees
the ideal balance between natural and artificial grass. The carpet-based hybrid grass technology has
been developed to meet the need for a quick installation and an instant operational availability by
selecting the most qualitative components in reinforced turf sods. PlayMaster offers a high return on
investment as it can be used for multipurpose stadiums like the Amsterdam ArenA.

GrassMaster Solutions has been used successfully for football, rugby and American Football, including
top clubs like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus FC, Athletic Club Bilbao, AFC Ajax, New
England Patriots, Denver Broncos, CSKA Moscow and many more.
Please take a look at our website for more references.

Artificial grass customers include Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea FC, Lillestrom, Vallhall, Malmo, Alemannia Aachen, VfL Wolfsburg, Chivas Mexico, PSV, as well as thousands of communities  and amateur sports clubs.

Desso Sports Systems is a founding member of ESTO, the European Synthetic Turf Organisation and FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf.

The company is also a partner at European Stadium and Safety Managers Association (ESSMA) and the Event and Stadium Suppliers Group (ESSG).