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Russel Mucklow

1 Federal Street, 18th Floor
Boston, MA 02110-2003
Tel:+1 617-542-8555

Running stadiums and event venues is no easy task on non-event days. Add in the pressure and challenge of keeping 20,000, 50,000 or even 100,000 fans safe and you’re got a real challenge on your hands.

The work starts long before the gates open:

• Maintaining critical equipment and systems, ensuring all work and inspections were performed.
• Managing all equipment, materials, inventory, contracts and resources
• Scheduling all staff and contactors needed for game day – and knowing that they are qualified for the posts they are given.
• Confirming that everyone is in their assigned sections, ready to go for game time

With AwareManager, you can run all aspects of facility management, staff/resource scheduling, incident tracking and end-to-end event management in one comprehensive platform. In addition, you get a real-time dashboard – built for mobile – to let you manage an event without being tethered to the control room. Built-in reports will help you assess critical aspects of match-day operations – incident response times, payroll costs, etc.